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AP Music & Art Studio

At AP Music & Art Studio, our mission is to empower students to unlock the full potential of their talents. Each year, we enthusiastically embrace aspiring individuals who are driven by creativity and passion.

Recognizing the uniqueness of every student's personality and capabilities, we utilize a strength-based approach. This ensures that our instructor guide students in a way that resonates with their individual strengths while helping them effectively manage their schedules.

What sets AP Music & Art Studio apart is our innovative approach to teaching. We harness the enchanting power of music to help students explore a spectrum of 10 distinct emotions. Over time, this not only enhances their piano skills but also nurtures their communication abilities. Through music, students find a channel to eloquently express themselves and connect with others on a profound level.

Our Teacher

 Viga Ho

Allow yourself to enter the realm of music education led by the experienced hands of Viga, a dedicated piano instructor with a decade-long journey. Rooted in Viga's teaching approach is an extraordinary blend of unwavering patience and boundless creativity, ensuring that every student embarks on a deeply enriching voyage of musical exploration and growth.



Current Study:

  • Licentiate of Trinity College London Piano Recital (LTCL)


  • Diploma of Music Performance - Associate of Trinity College London Piano Recital (ATCL)

  • Academy Board Royal School of Music Grade 8 Certificate

  • Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 5 Music Theory 

  • Bachelor of Arts ( Major in Psychology)

  • Master of Teaching in early childhood education

  • Master of Social Work


  • The 5th the Hong Kong Pacific Piano competition- Diploma Class

        3rd Prize Winner 

  • The 5th the Hong Kong Pacific Piano competition-Piano Duet1st 1st Prize Winner

  • The 4 the Hong Kong Pacific Piano competition - Open Class 

        1st Honour Excellence Award

  • The 4 the Hong Kong Pacific Piano competition - Diploma Class

         1 st Honour Excellence Award

Professional Guidance 

From a young age, my aspiration to become a professional piano teacher was unwavering. Over the years, I've accumulated extensive experience working with students spanning all levels and proficiencies – from novices to experts.

Within our lessons, I seamlessly incorporate elements of psychology, effective communication, and advanced teaching techniques to craft an all-encompassing pedagogical approach for my students. It's my belief that music isn't solely about pressing keys; it's a gateway to comprehending our world, fostering a connection with our instruments, and gaining insight into our very selves.

Irrespective of the student, I find immense fulfillment in witnessing their growth and evolution, as they uncover the extent of their capabilities.

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