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About AP Music & Art Studio

AP Music & Art Studio is a place to help students to make the most of their talents. Every year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate students.


We understand every student has a different personality and ability. Our teacher makes use of the strength-based theory to help students learn and organise their schedule effectively 

AP music & Studio studio uses magical skills to help students understand our 10 different emotions through learning music. From a period of time, they can not only improve their piano skills but also build on their communication skills and use music to express themselves


Our Teacher

Viga is a patient and creative piano teacher

Current Study:

  • Licentiate of Trinity College London Piano Recital (LTCL)


  • Diploma of Music Performance - Associate of Trinity College London Piano Recital (ATCL)

  • Academy Board Royal School of Music Grade 8 Certificate

  • Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 5 Music Theory 

  • Bachelor of Arts ( Major in Psychology)

  • Master of Teaching in early childhood education

  • Master of Social Work

The 4 the Hong Kong Pacific Piano competition - Open Class 

1st Honour Excellence Award

The 4 the Hong Kong Pacific Piano competition - Diploma Class

1 st Honour Excellence Award

Professional Guidance 

I always knew I wanted to work as a professional Piano teacher since I was young. I’ve had plenty of experience working with students of all levels and skills - from beginners to advance.

During the lessons, I always apply psychology, communication skills, teaching techniques to provide integrative teaching methods to my students. Because playing music is not just about pressing the keys, it is about how we understand our world, how to communicate with our instruments and how we understand ourselves.

No matter who I’m teaching, I thrive on seeing my students grow and develop as they discover what they can achieve.