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AP Music & Art Studio Policy

At the lessons:

1. Please arrive on time for your lesson. Our studio offers a waiting area for parents to sit during the lesson.

2. For the hygienic purpose, please take off your shoes before you enter the studio. You can wear the slippers that our studio provides. Please walk properly and do not run in our studio. Any injuries due to negligent behaviour are not our studio’s responsibility.

3. Please do not enter any rooms without any permission (except the bathroom). Any losses or damages caused by parent(s) and/or student(s) must be paid for.

4. Students are required to clip nails and wash their hands before coming to lessons.

5. Students with long nails or with pen/marker/ paint-stained fingers will not be allowed to play on the piano.

6. If parents have any questions about the lessons, please contact the teacher by the end of the lesson or arrange a time for the meeting.

7. Due to scheduling constraints, our teacher will not extend the lesson time if the student(s) arrive late.

8. For privacy issues, any recording devices (e.g. cell phones, cameras, and microphones) are needed to be turned off during the lessons unless with prior permission.

9. If there are two or more children in the same family to have private lessons, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) to supervise them. Please only drop off one child at a time to avoid any interruption during the lesson.


Practice expectations

1. Students are expected to practice before lessons weekly.

We recommend that students practice 5 days a week to achieve positive outcomes.

The recommended practice time are below:

⮚ 15-20 minutes each day (age 4-8)

⮚ 30 minutes each day (age 9-11)

⮚ 45-60 minutes or more each day ( age 12+ / intermediate level/ advanced level)


2. Students must record their practice time on the practice record book.

Parents must sign the practice book to ensure students’ learning outcomes.


AP Music & Art Studio Tuition Payment:

1. Tuition fees are not negotiable

2. We accept cash/ bank deposit monthly. Please pay the tuition fee 5 days prior to the start of each month. Otherwise, the teacher will not come to have the lesson the following week

3. Tuition fees are non-refundable.

4. You will receive a reminder via email or SMS when the payment is not received by the due date. If that payment is 10 days overdue, a 15 AUD late payment fee will be applied.


Cancellations/ Missed Lessons: Cancellations/ Missed Lessons/ Reschedule lessons:

1. If a teacher cannot be arranged the lesson, then we will try either reschedule a lesson for your within the month or credit a lesson to the following month.

2. Lessons fees are non-refundable. If a student(s) cannot attend a lesson(s), please give 48-hour notice to 0481142868 or email to to reschedule lesson time.

3. If a lesson cannot be rescheduled due to a lack of timeslot or an insufficient amount of notice time given, it is forfeited.

4. No Notice of absence also results in no rescheduled lesson.

5. Your rescheduled lesson must be attended in two months in it was cancelled. The unattended lesson does not accrue or roll over to the third month and if the rescheduled time offered to you is continually declined or rescheduled that was cancelled by you, the lesson will be forfeited.

6. If students are feeling unwell, do not come to our studio. Contact us as soon as possible and the lesson will be rescheduled if a medical certificate is provided.

7. If the student(s) is /are absent on the day, the lesson will not be rescheduled except for illness (with a medical certificate for evidence), funerals, palliative care or parental leave. Please send evidence to our studio.

8. If students would like to change/cancel lessons due to sickness, palliative care, funerals or parental leave, please contact our studio and provide evidence/(s) at least 48 hours prior to the lesson, otherwise the lesson will not be rescheduled.

9. If there is severe weather (e.g. lockdown, thunderstorm, flooding, bushfire, accidents near our studio), we recommend students have an online lesson or reschedule the lesson time.


Terminating lessons:

1. If students wish to terminate the lessons, two weeks' notice must be given by email. The remaining lessons will be continued to the end of the monthly cycle. Tuition fees are non-refundable.



1. Our studio has CCTV operating during the lessons to protect our students and teacher. The content(s) will keep in confidential. We will disclose the information to relevant legal departments if we notice there is any potential risk to our teacher and/or students.


Photo permission:

1. For protecting other children and privacy, please do not take any photos or videos without any permission.

2. If parents would like to take photos of their child during a lesson with permission from our studio, please do not include other children without permission. AP Music & Art Studio

3. Children love seeing their photos or videos on our website. Please sign the consent form if you agree to allow us to display your children's photos or videos on our website, promotions, and blog posts.

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